Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman Islands

Sprinkled across the Bay of Bengal, about 620 miles from the mainland, the Andaman and neighboring Nicobar Islands are actually the peaks of a submerged mountain  range which runs from Myanmar to Indonesia. The islands are the answer for the ultimate beach trip of an Indian holiday.


Why You Should Travel To Andaman Islands

-Unmatched peace, calmness and relaxation

-Explore world class beaches

-Indulge in water sports activities, diving & snorkeling

-Immense Greenery, Geography and wildlife

-Experience Island hopping

-Explore rich history and culture


North East India

North East – India’s Lost World

The North East is still a relatively unexplored wonderland for adventuresome travelers. Its trend is booming and the region is rapidly becoming India’s hottest new destination. If you’re looking for family holidays, adventure, stunning mountainous landscapes, lakes, forests, waterfalls, and a taste of unique tribal cultures, then you should travel here this summer.

Why You Should Travel To North East

-Explore unspoiled nature and stunning scene

-Breathe in fresh air, free from pollution

-Enjoy scenic lakes, peaceful and hassle free life

-Kaziranga National Park- Home of Rhino and largest population of Tigers

-Experience Tibetan culture without visiting Tibet

-Close to international border



Plan your home and far-away summer breaks memorable in 2021

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Andaman Island


Sri Lanka…


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